Fête Noel

Each year during Thanksgiving weekend, Deep Creek hosts an event called The Festival of Trees.  Businesses and organizations sponsor decorated Christmas trees, local vendors set up booths, and there are always plenty of activities for children.  Proceeds for the event support The Dove Center, a local group providing safety, advocacy, and counseling for individuals suffering from domestic abuse. 

Here at Fête, we knew we wanted to be part of this worthwhile community event. Being designers, we were excited at the possibilities.  We quickly determined that a “typical” tree was not our style.  Our worlds revolve around weddings and events, and a key component is always a show-stopping gown.  Why not make the gown itself the tree?  We call her Fete Noel.

As with any floral design, the magic was created with a beautiful mix of greenery.  While pine was obviously the star of the show, using seeded eucalyptus and fern added depth and dimension to the piece.  Attention to detail, such as her necklace and the pins creating the back "buttons", is key to adding visual interest.

We are pleased to announce that Fête Noel received Best in Show.  We're already hard at work planning next year's submission.  

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For more information on the Dove Center, visit http://gcdovecenter.org.  For more information on The Festival of Trees, visit http://www.fotgc.org.