Deep Creek Lavender Farm

Photocredit: Jessica Fike Photography

Photocredit: Jessica Fike Photography

When the Lavender Farm opened a few years ago, we were instantly intrigued with the idea of using local products, such as their soaps and sachets, as wedding favors.  After visiting this season, we understand why clients would love it as a venue.

The Lavender Farm is quite small, so it’s appropriate for intimate weddings, bridal teas, or luncheons.  The growing season for lavender is short, so if you are wanting to catch the bushes in full bloom, plan to schedule your event mid-June into July.


  • Lovely view
  • On-site restrooms
  • Facility tours available
  • Gift shop with homemade products
  • Lavender-themed snacks and drinks, such as lavender lemonade and lavender chicken salad.




Outdoor locations, especially ones with this lovely of a view, are always fun for us here at Fete.  We love creating a beautiful and purposeful space for your event in the great outdoors. Using our larger rentable pieces, we can bring the structure and flow of an indoor space into the beauty of the lavender fields.



Decor is the key to determining formality in this space.  While an outdoor venue will never be black-tie formal, the decor you chose can be used to give the space a rustic feel or a more elegant tone.

Photocredit: Jessica Fike Photography

Photocredit: Jessica Fike Photography

Ideal Client

The ideal client for the lavender farm would be looking for a place to host a small, intimate event in a unique setting that is elegant yet simple.  Clients should be willing to devote a portion of their budget to providing the tables, chairs, and decorations necessary to turn the outdoor space into an event venue.


For more information about Deep Creek Lavender Farm, contact Ann at 240-608-8282 or  If you’re interested in having Farmhouse Fete provide the floral design or styling for your event please contact us at 301-750-6790 or