Woodland Wonderland Styled Shoot

The perfect woodland wonderland wedding starts with finding the ideal spot-an old growth forest whose foliage high above you filters the glaring sun. The forest floor is covered with ferns and packed earth, allowing you to meander through the trees without worry of stumbling through thick brush and low hanging limbs. And the light is nothing short of magical. Watching the morning rays break through the tress takes your breath away. Even on a cloudy day the swaying branches create such movement in the light that you will swear you're been transported to Wonderland.  

The space feels private and peaceful, an unspoiled natural beauty. If you long for the mood of Walden, On Golden Pond, or even your long ago summer camp, this type of venue is for you. For our styled shoot, we found our wooded bliss at Blue Moon Rising in Deep Creek, Maryland. Less than a mile away is the bustling area of Deep Creek Lake during peak tourism season, yet you would never guess that such activity was occurring so close by.

Blue Moon Rising is an eco-resort designed to be a completely natural experience. Their wedding areas give you access to the woods in a way that is both comfortable and completely respectful of the environment. It took only a brief visit to Blue Moon Rising for the design mavens of Farmhouse Fête (that's us!) to envision the woodland wonderland wedding that would fit beautifully there.  

Decor was kept simple, utilizing wooden and wrought iron pieces that would complement, but not compete, with the natural setting. We wanted the floral design to appear organic, as though these gorgeous blooms were growing directly out of the earthen forest floor. The bride would appear as mother nature, covered in her flora. There would be no picked and process bouquet for her- the blooms would appear to grow across her body and drape from her wrist.

When thinking through any celebration, we at Farmhouse Fête are guided by our founding principles: inspire, connect, captivate. "Weddings are about love, but not just the love between the happy couple. They are one of the only times you will be surrounded by all of the people you care most for in the world", says Amy White, Farmhouse Fête's Director of Floral Design. Michelle Atkinson, Fête's Event Stylist adds, "We love to design events in a way that is genuinely reflective of a couple's personality and invites guests into their world, while enabling them to relax and live in the moment."  

As the evening progresses, excitement builds, and the day becomes a celebration of all love, while inspiring hope for the future and renewing faith in friendship, commitment, and family." Designing in a peaceful wooded paradise is a natural fit for our philosophy, as the connection with nature further fosters human connection. Farmhouse Fête, based out of Friendsville, Maryland, brings a chic worldly design perspective to a rural area. It is part of The Fête Companies, a group of wedding businesses dedicated to redefining the modern wedding.

The stunning photography was captured by Shannon Gray Photography, and the dress was supplied by Kaposy's Bridal Shop. Our gorgeous model was Caroline Miller, wedding coordinator with The Fête Companies.

VENUE: Blue Moon Rising
MODEL: Caroline Miller (who is also The Fête Companies/Chanteclaire Farm's Event Coordinator)
DRESS (provided by): Kaposy's 


For information on Farmhouse Fête's florals and wedding styling services, contact us at info@farmhousefete.com or call her at 301-750-6790.