Amy (Photo Credit: Shannon Gray)


Amy is the creative force and inspiration behind Farmhouse Fête's floral style.  Our blog regulars are familiar with her stunning floral designs.  Amy is a Garrett County native, with years of floral and retail experience.  She will humbly tell you that her floral skills are a gift from on high, and her creative process is also a spiritual one.  Amy's love of simple and natural design guide us in everything we do at Fête.

When working with clients, she has the uncanny ability to capture and create their desired vision.  Her passion for innovative design keeps her work fresh and modern, while romance is the overarching theme.  A truly kind soul, Amy spends a great deal of time making sure each client can sense the love and energy she pours into each design.  




Bio coming soon!



Bio coming soon!

Lynn (Photo Credit: Shannon Gray)


Lynn is the design maven who keeps everything running on track here at Fête.  As an artist with years of design experience, Lynn brings a discerning eye to everything we produce, and creates the beautiful vignettes that grace our shop.  Her attention to detail keeps the shop running smoothly, and ensures that our work is second to none.

Lynn's love of all things quirky (think Tim Burton and Sherlock) keeps us from taking ourselves too seriously.  A true artist, we can always count on her to have creative and out-of-the-box ideas to keep things fresh and interesting.